Social Media for Job Hunters eGuide available now for FREE

“Social Media for Job Hunters” eGuide, by Marc

It gives me great pleasure to announce the arrival of my eGuide, “Social Media for Job Hunters”.

It’s packed with great tips on how to improve your presence online through the three main Social Media platforms used by both job hunters and recruiters today. If you want to drastically improve your chance of getting noticed and landing that dream job, then this may be for you.

“Social Media for Job Hunters” not only gives you the best tips on how to optimize your presence on social media platforms, but also gives you insight into some of the most-talked about job hunting resources available today.

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    Graduate Job Tips wrote advice for graduates in the tough climate

    [...] Whether you are using it to get a job or using it whilst in a job, social media is here to stay. The vast web of social media platforms creates a communication network which connects us to the rest of the world like never before. Social Media is fast becoming a job seekers best friend, as we can use it as a free personal promotional platform. I have written a “Social Media for Job Hunters” eGuide, which you can get for free here. [...]

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