Learn WordPress, WordPress Learn

Learn WordPress, WordPress learn!

There is quite a lot of information on graduatejobtips.com relating to creating a blog of your own. My eGuide touches on getting your blog setup through hosting, and also get WordPress installed whilst doing this.

What the eGuide does not cover is how to learn WordPress. WordPress is actually a very intuitive blogging platform, which is dynamic and constantly evolving as new and cool plugins are getting built all the time. Learning WordPress is therefore something one can do on his/own by simply adopting the trial and error approach.

BUT, if you wish to learn WordPress quickly I would far rather recommend taking a WordPress course for beginners. When I was l looking for an online WordPress course, the options were few and far between, and I ended up teaching myself. This worked out fine for me, only up to a point. There were still certain aspects of WordPress I was not familiar with, and felt it necessary to take a WordPress course, which would provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the platform. After hours of trawling the darkest depths of the interwebs, I found this little gem: