An online CV platform that will make you stand out from the crowd

Living in the digital age means that every facet of our life is now becoming more and more entrenched in activities online. From reading books to dating to watching movies – its  all online. In this post I will look at an awesome online CV platform.

One thing that is also shifting online in a big way is CV’s. If said this before in an interview here, and I will say it again, we are not far away from the point where recruiters will ask for a URL instead of an attached CV doc.  Ideally, what you should have is a few URL’s. These should all form a part of online personal branding effort. Most people presently use LinkedIn and twitter to promote themselves online.  Some use a blog as well. These are all really good in their individual respects. LinkedIn serves as the online CV, the blog as a way to substantiate the knowledge in your area of interest, and twitter as a promotional platform to create personal brand awareness. The CV format on LinkedIn is nevertheless a bit dull and very much mimics a word document CV.  If you send a recruiter your LinkedIn URL, you may as well just them your Word document CV. There is definitely a need for a more dynamic online CV platform.

The answer to this is “sliderocket”.

Sliderocket is website which specializes in creating presentations. Part of their service includes promoting the Presume (Sorry, I don’t have the accent for the ‘u’ on my keyboard) – an amalgamation of a resume and a presentation.

Isn’t this a just an online PowerPoint presentation you may ask?

No, this is what makes it cool:

  • First of all its free (well, the basic option, which is enough)
  • You can install Presume templates, which saves you the hassle of starting from scratch
  • You can integrate video into your Presume
  • Free coaching!
  • You can make your CV public, either through a URL or an embed code – This is the future!

The best thing about this online CV platform is that you can tell a story about yourself. Everybody loves a good story!

Check out a demo Presume here:

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