In this resources page you will find links to companies and useful tools that will enable you to find a job quicker. The point of this page is to only include companies/tools that I believe are dynamic, pioneering and forward-thinking.

 Recruitment Companies

  • Instant Impact Interns – Internship recruitment company specialising in the SME market, offering PAID-ONLY internships
  • Inspiring Interns – Internship recruitment company offering internships across a broad range of sectors

Great Books

Personal Branding tools

As you I’m sure you are aware, the 3 social media platforms that I promote on this blog are: LinkedIn, Twitter, and WordPress for blogging. The tools listed below will help you improve both your presence and credibility on these platforms, and will get recruiters approaching you.

  • fiverr – the worlds largest marketplace for small services. For example, if you are looking to rapidly increase your twitter following this is the place to go. Also, on the flip side, if you have a skill and want to make money whilst looking for a job, here is a great little Ebook that can teach you how to become a top seller on fiverr
  • Manage Flitter – Once you have got a surplus twitter following, this is what you use to maintain it. It simply tells who is not following you back, and you can then ‘unfollow’ all those people in a few seconds
  • – an online CV platform, which take a few minutes to create. Another way to simply expand your presence on the web.
  • sliderocket – simply put, social media friendly PowerPoint. Its advocates the creation of a presume – a presentation mixed with a resume. There is a previous I did on it here