How to get a job using facebook advertising

facebook advertising for job hunters

How to get a job using facebook advertising

It was only last month that I wrote a post about “Two great examples of proactive job hunting”. This post revisits that topic, but now focuses specifically on something that is becoming ever more popular as a job hunting tool, that is, facebook advertising. Job seekers will often immediately eschew a concept such as facebook advertising, because their immediate assumption is that it will cost too much money. Well in this post I am going to show you how you create a facebook advertising campaign that will cost less than a meal at an average restaurant.

Before we go ahead, lets address a key a question. Why facebook advertising as a job hunting tool? Three reasons:

1. Over 900 million active users

2. The ability to create a highly targeted campaign, down to the movies that your audience watch

3. Relatively low levels of competition at present.

Right, lets begin:

1. Firstly you will need to set a up a personal blog/website to direct to, and serve as your de facto CV. If you want to set a up a professional looking website, have a look at my eGuide, as there is a great chapter on this.

2. Now you login in to facebook and get that campaign setup. You will need to go to the bottom of your facebook page and select “create an ad”.

3. The first thing you will be asked is to put in your website URL.

Once you have done this, it will give you an expected reach the campaign can achieve. We will narrowing this figure down significantly.

4. The next step is to create the copy for your advert. Start with the headline, which MUST grab the viewers attention. Then comes the text section. Should aim to try and use all 90 characters and include a strong “call-to-action”. Lastly insert a picture of yourself.  Compare the two ad’s below. The one on the right, having more of an edge to it:

The one on the left lacks the zest and exuberance that the one on the right has. The one on the right is solutions based – You are telling the company what you can do for them. Companies and hiring managers love this!

5. Now you target! Start off by choosing location. In my case this would be London:

As you can see, my audience has suddenly fallen from 37 million to 7 million. Next you customize the demographic:

I have chosen a minimum age of 25 and set to maximum, as I feel this is the age range who will most likely be a in position to hire someone like myself. I have selected all genders. For “precise interests” I have listed the terms which relate to the marketing job I would potentially be looking for. Now as you you can see my audience has been reduced to 26 thousand people.

6. Finally, choose your budget. For a first timer, I would set my budget at $5 per day and run the ad for four consecutive days (Tuesday-Friday). Leave Monday’s out as employers are usually too busy with meetings and other malarkey. This means your initial spend will be a maximum of $20.

Make sure you check CPC rather than CPM. This is because you want people to actually click through and view your website. Big corporates and other companies looking to establish brand awareness tend to use CPM, and they simply after views rather than clicks. Finally, go with the recommended CPC amount. Don’t bother trying to shave a few pence off.

I hope this has been helpful.

Have any of you out there tried facebook advertising before? What was the outcome?

 By Marc Bromhall