How to build an online personal brand – Interview with Howard Kingston

Howard KingstonWith the exponential growth we have witnessed in the internet over the last decade, people have begun to utilise the interwebs as a personal promotional platform. The fact that the internet is a largely unregulated, truly open source system, gives anybody looking to promote themselves through it, a wealth of opportunities. There are of course ways to do it right, and ways to do it wrong. From the perspective of Graduate Job Tips, prospective graduates should know which platforms will serve them better, and more importantly how they can optimise these platforms. The grand goal should be to create a multifaceted online CV. This becomes the start to the creation of an online personal brand.

I recently got in touch with good friend and digital marketing guru, Howard Kingston to find out from him how we can create a online personal brand.

After a tough game of tennis, we sat down over a beer and talked about building a personal online brand.

In this interview Howard will talk about the following:

  • The best platforms for a graduate to use for building an online personal brand
  • How to make LinkedIn really work for you
  • The importance of creating an opinion based blog
  • How to integrate a multitude of platforms and create one interconnect online CV

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