How to become a Savile Row tailor

Savile Row has long been the preserve of sophistication, opulence and artisanship when it comes to mens’ formal attire. Henry Poole is credited as the man who got things going on Savile Row back in the 1840’s, and the term “bespoke” ostensibly originates from Savile Row. Back in those days it was said that the cloth for a suit was to “be spoken for” by its customer.

Savile row tailor

Henry Poole and Co. and Gieves and Hawkes were some of the first established tailors on Savile Row attracting clients such as Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and Napoleon III. In recent times Savile Row has undergone some criticism for failing to move with the times, and in the 90’s there was a modernistic infusion of young talent to the row, with the likes of Ozwald Boateng and Richard James challenging the status quo and bringing colour and edginess to this traditional type of artisanship. With this new young talent of course came a whole new set of clients, including the likes of Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ronson, P Diddy, Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise and Mick Jagger.

As we enter the teen period of the millennium, Savile Row is again on the lookout for young talent which can help keep it abreast of modern sophistication within menswear. The Savile Row Bespoke Association Apprenticeship Scheme exists to bring such talent through the ranks.For more information please visit the Savile Row website.

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