Video Guerrilla Marketing

If you have a bit of money to spare and are really looking for a ‘fresh’ way to present yourself, then look no further than video guerrilla marketing. This is particularly a good idea if you are looking for work in one of the creative industries, as doing something like this simply shows prospective employers that you are passionate and possess the right skills in the your chosen creative industry.


Video Guerilla Marketing

This can serve as a great opportunity for prospective employers to leverage PR.

The best example of video guerrilla marketing that I have come across is a dynamic ‘hire me’ video by a Canadian guy called Mathew Epstein. He really wanted to get a job with Google, and so he dropped $3000 on a personal promotional video essentially asking Google to give him an interview. I know this is a lot money to spend in the effort to try and get a job. I am not encouraging that you spend this sort of money. It is possible to do something very similar for $200. I will list a cost breakdown at the end of this post. In the meantime check out Matthews video here:

We can learn a lot from Matthew’s video CV – diction, call to action phrases, humour that fits well with his target audience not merely banging on about himself, but actually talking about how he can add value to Google.

Interestingly Matthew got the coveted interview with Google, but did NOT get a job offer from them.  Because of the media buzz it created he was able to land quite a few other interviews with companies in the same space and ended up getting a job with one of them.

If you like the idea of video guerrilla marketing and are thinking of doing something similar, but are cash-strapped and don’t have that much money to spend, then, listed below is how you can do it this cost effectively.

What you need:

A high definition blogging camera: Sony Bloggie – £65

Flip Ultra HD £112

A good microphone: Will cost you between £80-£100

Video editing software: Windows movie maker, Apple’s iMovie are good enough to make a decent promotional video

Tips on how write a good script: Great post on this here by Pepper Raffety

Host the video on a free WordPress or tumblr blog

Lastly, promote your video through Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, zerply,, and any other relevant social networking sites. Don’t forgot to send it to friends and family.