There is no such thing as too many job applications

I think one of the most frustrating things during the graduate job search, is the ‘waiting game’. I have found that the larger the company, the more drawn out their recruitment process. Sometimes you can wait 4-5 weeks to hear back from a company about an interview, only then to find out that you haven’t progressed – aaaargghh! I remember finally getting a negative response from a company 6 weeks after having a first round interview. (And in the interview they said they were looking to ‘move quickly on this’).

Joseph Stalin Dictator

Moral of the story – Apply to a lot of jobs. Put many irons in the fire. There is no such thing as too many job applications. Otherwise before you know it, 3 months have gone by and you’re in limbo because the 3 job interviews you had, came back negative and you now have to start the search again. Don’t be afraid of getting multiple offers and then turning down a bunch in order to pick the best one. This in fact is what you should aim for. Set yourself a target of getting a certain number of job offers in a particular time frame. Put yourself in the driving seat, and think of yourself not as being on the receiving end of an unsuccessful job interview email, but rather as the individual sending the email to turn the job down.