The rise of job seeking via social media

social media job seekingIn the age if today it is no surprise to see that more and more people are turning to the likes of Twitter and Facebook to find out where the latest and greatest positions are, and where to apply. It’s something nearly all of us use, so it makes sense to advertise through these sites, and to spread the word. It has already helped many people in finding their ideal job, and is likely to evolve alongside the sites themselves.


Hashtags haven’t been around for very long, but already they are helping people to find what they need. Not all companies do this, but a select few are likely to include these in order to get the message across to more followers. Not only that, but they can link you to handy tips and advice from both professionals and other jobseekers alike.

I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy

There is nothing quite as simple as word of mouth. Many people may be aware of vacancies but won’t tell a single soul. However, if you put the word out that you’re looking for something they may turn around and give you a good lead, or share your post with all their friends. It’s even better if their own place of work are looking for staff as you can use them as a reference.

Recent Posts

If you have a smartphone, and access to the web, there’s no harm in frequently checking for any updates. Some companies aren’t likely to post a vacancy to a job board as some of them have a fee attached, hence why they turn to social media as it’s completely free, and instantaneous.

There are plenty of useful resources and leads all over these sites. It’s just a matter of finding the best ones and being vigilant. You can find many job site profiles that give you advice and job listings, and update their information regularly so you never miss out. Happy hunting!