How to start a remote-working Bitcoin career

How to start a remote-working Bitcoin career

Bitcoin, the innovative payment network and decentralised digital currency designed to allow for instant peer-to-peer transactions across the world with low (and often zero) processing fees, has taken the world by storm in recent years, and as such many career opportunities have opened up in this space, allowing graduates who previously worked with Bitcoin as a hobby during their university days to find work in a totally new field that they’re already familiar with.

Unsurprisingly, as this field is so new (especially from the point of view of potential graduate careers), there’s very little information online surrounding how to start a career in Bitcoin, a career that can be performed entirely remotely. Although we haven’t included it below, the most important point you’ll need to consider ahead of looking to start a career in Bitcoin is that you must know Bitcoin inside out — everything from how it was conceived to how it verifies transactions via miners, and everything in between. Once you feel you’re as knowledgeable about Bitcoin as you’ll ever be, you’re ready to…

Search for Bitcoin jobs

For a new graduate looking for a Bitcoin job there are a small number of sites you should instantly look towards online, with Coinality, a “job board where employers and job seekers can connect for job opportunities that pay in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and yes, even Dogecoin,” a great place to check out first.

Similar to other job consolidation sites, Coinality brings together all Bitcoin-related jobs being posted online, although it should be noted that they also publish jobs that pay in Bitcoin, as well as jobs that deal with Bitcoin, so it’s important to filter these jobs out of your search before continuing.

As well as looking online you should also take advantage of your social network (both your real social network in the old meaning of the word, and your friends on Facebook and Twitter) to ask around for any particular job opportunities in this field. Even though the majority of your friends will, in the majority of cases, also be recent graduates, because this is such a new field there’s every chance you may know somebody who’s also secured a job in a Bitcoin-centred role who can recommend your services to their employer.

Interview well

Even though you’re looking to start a remote-working Bitcoin career that doesn’t mean you won’t have to answer interview questions and, therefore, be able to interview well in order to secure your chances of getting the jobs you’ve applied for.

In the majority of cases there are three words every interview needs to hear from an applicant during the interview process, and this applies whether you’re interviewing in person or via a video conferencing facility. In the case of a remote working role you’re nearly always going to interview via video, and while this allows you to have more material in front of you during an interview (such as the Bitcoin website open on a browser tab, and any other information about Bitcoin and the specific job in question), it doesn’t mean you can slack off and turn up unprepared. Video interviews should be taken just as seriously as in-person interviews; you must study the job criteria beforehand and dress the part — even if that means only dressing the part on the top half of your body.

Purchase office space

If you get the Bitcoin job you were after you’re now going to have to find somewhere to work from as, in the majority of cases, Bitcoin roles are remote-working opportunities. This is fine, as it allows you to find an office space that best suits your needs, rather than having to make do with whatever a company has already decided is best for you.

When looking at different office space providers you’ll want to consider a few points surrounding what, exactly, you’ll need from them in order to ensure you’re able to keep up with your duties in your new Bitcoin career. Things you should look out for include:

Do they have fast internet? The ability to work with Bitcoin goes hand in hand with your ability to find a fast internet connection. All office space providers should have fast internet by default, but you should ask each space their specific speed before handing any money over.

Do they offer a range of office services? Will they take messages from your boss while you’re on lunch, for example, or will they provide you with IT support as and when you need it.

In conclusion, if you’re a recent graduate looking to start a career in Bitcoin you need to know Bitcoin inside out. If you were into Bitcoin while at university this is certainly a plus, but you must do all you can, now, to swot up on the topic before searching for, and eventually interviewing for, a position.

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Lauren Downey is a writer who works on a freelance basis for a company in the UK with the highest staff-to-client ration in the office space industry. MWB Business Exchange is a leading provider of commercial spaces for rent.

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