ResumeGig review

ResumeGig review

As you could expect at Graduate Job Tips, in addition to providing useful insights and tips on the graduate job market, we are also constantly on the lookout for useful products/services. One such product that recently caught our eye was a great little resume building tool from ResumeGig.

The first thing we noticed was that it is very easy to get started on building a resume on ResumeGig. You arrive on the homepage, click on the call-to-action “create resume” button and then you are taken to an overview page which explains in three simple steps how to create your resume on ResumeGig. At this point you click through and begin creating your resume.

You start by picking the the style that you want your CV to be designed in, from which you have 12 different themes to choose from. You are then greeted with the first data entry page where you put in basic details, such as your name, address, phone etc. The great thing about this platform is that from the outset you know exactly how many steps are involved in creating your CV and moreover how far along the chain you are with the help of the handy little nav bar that sits at the top.

Graduate Job Tips found ResumeGig to be a very intuitive platform and with a drag-and-drop functionality that allows one to customise each template to their preferential layout.

When it comes time to filling in your education, work experience and skills, ResumeGig has a set of really good templates to suit a wide array of work backgrounds. This can save the user a lot of time and also help provide the user with a good base of attributes/skills to work from. The only criticism is that when you attempt to fill in the template sections it should highlight the whole word or set of words, instead of the user having to do it.

The only other feature which Graduate Job Tips felt could be improved upon was the user interface relating to dates. It would be easier if they listed the month names rather than the numbers and also when you attempt to select a date it takes you straight to 2024 instead of the current year.

All in all the tool performed to an exemplary level, and is certainly a tool which we will be promoting on GJT going forward. Other positives include, great online support and a large range of formatting tools, including, font size, side margin, indent, and section spacing.

Lastly, there is excellent functionality around printing, emailing and downloading in plain text, PDF, Web Page and Word formats.