Why Do I Need an Internship?

imagesAt this time of year the university and college talk comes alive with every aspect of the subject of internships. Sometimes it seems you can’t escape any part of campus or dorms without someone gushing on and on about their secured internship, their potential internship or even their dream internship. It almost comes down to the stage where you can say, ‘Have you, or haven’t you?’, to any student and they will know exactly what you are referring too. The question seldom asked by anyone is, WHY do I need an internship?

Before we answer this question, let’s look at the types of people that seek for internships.

The Predator

The Predator is someone who knows how to work aggressively the system. They are after the Holy Grail of all internships, the ones for household companies that are recognized by all and give their resume that eye popping ‘Wow’ factor, and they know how to get them. They have spent their time being in the places they need to be, being seen to do all the right things in the right places, asking the right questions and used every advantage they have to make sure they secure an enviable internship. They mean to aggressively make the most of every opportunity and are fired by ambition.

The Mercenary

Mercenary seekers can be part predator too. They are focused on the internships that pay well. Industry – not to bothered, company – meh, money – CHA CHING! They’re interested, and depending on the rate of pay determines who they step on and how far they go to secure the bank roll.

The Pleaser

Have you got a Mom and Dad? The pleaser has parents that are very keen for their child to have the full educational experience and are even more anxious for their child to secure an internship. Company rank and industry irrelevant, they just want their child to be an intern and learn about ‘adult life’ and the work experience. The pleaser acquiesces.

The Learner

The learner is a motivated individual who wants to know about their chosen industry and see what it’s like to have a ‘real job’. They also want the experience to be able to apply to their studies.

The Other 96% of students looking for an internship…

There are other students I could name – the browser, who looks to see if anything great grabs them, the flipper, who flips from internship to internship and never actually applies for any, The Relaxed Fit who does nothing then rolls in on the last day and gets the best internship of them all, The Tiem Filler who has nothing better to do, etc.

The fact is – there are so many different reasons that students apply for an internship that the reason you apply does not matter. Anything will do. There are so many different companies out there that you don’t know who is looking for what type of person. You may be exactly what they want. You need an internship for one thing, and one thing only – experience. How you start the road is irrelevant, it’s what you do when you’re on it that matters.

There are too few internships for everyone to secure a brilliant and exciting one, but any internship is an opportunity to learn about work life and network. An alarming amount of students coming through the system have never had a job – ANY job. An employer will look for any experience within the industry first, then in a work setting. In short they want to know if you’re ‘man enough’ for working life. An internship gives you experience, but more importantly, a reference. Work hard and you have the edge at hiring time so if a hard decision has to be made, your experience and reference will see you through to success.

Whilst in an internship, work your contacts like a pro. Treat everyone you meet as a potential employer. Attend the things you need to, and more if you can, then make sure you get in front of those who you know are the movers and shakers of the industry and make a good impression. It will pay dividends at hiring time. Imagine the conversation, ‘Hi Mr X, I’m Will B, we met at the offices of ABC corporation when I was an intern. I heard you had some jobs openings… ’

If you need to ask the question, ‘Why do I need an Internship?’ it’s time to get with the program. If you don’t jump on board with both hands and grab a career changing opportunity that is an internship you might as well ask yourself, ‘Why do I need a job?’.

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