How to make an impact on a graduate scheme

How to make an impact on a graduate scheme

In today’s competitive job market, graduates with a lack of on-the-job experience are finding it tough to get on the career ladder. One of the most popular ways for graduates to swerve the fierce job market, battling countless other applicants, is to take advantage of the many fantastic graduate schemes available across the country.

Graduate schemes offer graduates a chance to gain real on-the-job experience, something they might not ordinarily be able to get without years of experience behind them.  They also allow graduates to lend their enthusiasm and energy to a temporary placement with a view to impressing employers and being kept on in a permanent full-time capacity once the graduate scheme ends.

These schemes offer a number of different benefits; from the chance to gain full-time employment and getting a salary straight out of university, to learning a number of different skills across a business in a varied and exciting placement.

The following set of helpful hints and tips will make sure you stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for your next graduate scheme.

Research, research, research

Whenever you apply to a graduate scheme, it’s incredibly important to do your research on the company you’re applying to. Learn about the company’s history, what they do and where they came from. What do you like about the company? What don’t you like?

Follow some of the staff on Twitter and look at the company’s Facebook page to try and gain an understanding of their culture and company ethos. Learning about a company and its latest comings-and-goings shows that you’ve taken an active interest in the business, and that you’re willing to learn. Both of which are excellent qualities when it comes to successfully obtaining a place on a graduate scheme.

Tailor your CV

Depending on the company, industry or type of graduate scheme you’re applying for, tailoring your CV is one of the best weapons a graduate can have.

As a graduate, you won’t have much in the way of on-the-job experience, but as an enthusiastic, energetic person straight out of university, you should have gained experience through any extra-curricular activities such as personal projects, or any community work relevant to your industry, as well as work-experience, part-time work or internships.

Always tailor your CV to the company, the description to the graduate scheme, or something else that you feel would speak to the people or company you are applying to.

Know thyself

Perhaps the most important thing to understand when it comes to being successful at interviews and showcasing your talents and skills to potential employers is the ability to know yourself. If someone asked you why you want to work in this industry – could you answer them? Can you articulate why you’re passionate about this industry or the role you want?

Can you tell them why you’re the person for them? One of the hardest questions to be asked at an interview is “what is one of your weaknesses?”, but if you can answer this with confidence and some humility, you’ll be well on your way to impressing the panel at your next graduate scheme.

We hope these Online Resourcing tips prove useful when you apply for your next graduate scheme!

Picture credit: Pavel Strezhnev/123RF