Job advice for the discerning job seeker

Too many graduates and not enough jobs. That is the current dilemma most young people are faced with in todays troubled global economy. You see, the problem lies in the fact that a large majority of rudimentary and entry level work is being outsourced abroad. Since the advent of online platforms like odesk and elance, outsourcing has never been easier, and this means young people in the developed world lose out to others who can work for far cheaper abroad. You could say it is one of the negative affects of globalisation and the digital revolution. More specifically these individuals are falling victim to a classic case of geo-arbitrage.  What is the solution to this? Abolish exchange rates, and create one global currency? Subsidise youth employment? No and no. The best job advice we can give at Graduate Job Tips is to skill-up and get creative in your job-hunting.

Have a look at these trailblazers for some inspiration and sound job advice:

The killer CV

Philippe Dubost ignored traditional job advice and instead got heads turning with this Amazon-esque CV page:

Philippe Dubost

The attention grabber

Adam Pacitti put this this fresh bit of content on a billboard in London in order to grab the attention of prospective employers:

job advice

The Infographic CV

Take job hunting advice from Katie Briggs, and create a cool looking infographic CV that is sure to impress employers:

job advice


The online guerrilla approach

Get the attention of the “big dogs” through Google, and do what Alec Brownstein did. He played on the vanity of New York’s advertising executives, and launched a PPC campaign around their names. Every time they googled themselves, his ad would appear asking for a job. Check it out:


The musical video CV

If you want to perhaps annoy prospective employers, then follow this guys job advice and make a cheesy musical video CV: