Is LinkedIn premium worth it?

About a month ago, I signed up for LinkedIn Premium. Instead of “Job Seeker Premium,” I chose “LinkedIn Business Plus.” This service allows you to send 10 InMails a month. InMails are messages you can send to anyone on LinkedIn. If they don’t write back, your InMail will replenish. Basic account users are limited to sending messages to their connections and those in shared groups. LinkedIn Business Premium also allows you to see salary information when applying to jobs, moves your profile to the top of the list of applicants, and gives you 25 introductions to other LinkedIn members outside your immediate network. For a full listing of benefits, visit LinkedIn directly.

Within the first few days, the amount of views on my profile increased dramatically. I jumped from 5 views in 7 days, to 5-10 views a day! By the end of the following week, I had more views and appearances in search than I had for that entire month. My views have since decreased a little, but they still remain strong.

LinkedIn graph

Since purchasing LinkedIn Premium, I gained many new connections and even received two messages from headhunters offering new opportunities. I did receive an offer for an interview, but not through someone I met on LinkedIn.

So, is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Yes. I would recommend this service to those who are looking for new opportunities, sourcing new candidates, or looking to expand their client base. Your chances of reaching new connections are much higher, which will bring you one step closer to an interview, a job offer, or new clients.

A few people I know use LinkedIn to build their small business. LinkedIn Premium is great for that, too. With the Open Link feature, you may let others in the Open Link Network send you messages for free. Also, different versions of LinkedIn allow you to send mass messages to people. This allows you to build awareness for your business.

Will getting LinkedIn Premium guarantee you a new job?

No. Building your network is still essential. You don’t need LinkedIn Premium to do that. You can use the basic account to write messages to recruiters who share your groups instead of purchasing InMails. You can use the traditional route and attend job fairs and apply directly on company websites. You don’t have to purchase this service. It is a tool, not a guarantee. I have still not received a job offer from this service, but one month might not be enough time to give it a full test run. A six month test would probably show more results.

What kinds of people should use LinkedIn Premium?

I would dissuade recent graduates from using LinkedIn Premium before first deciding what kind of jobs they are seeking. As with any social media website, LinkedIn is filled with spammers. Making your profile too public or too easily accessible can be dangerous. Never reveal your address, age, or phone number publically. It is also a good idea to post a very small image of yourself, if you choose to upload one at all, to protect yourself from identity theft.

For more experienced professionals, I think LinkedIn Premium is an amazing resource. If you have a few years of job experience, or many years of experience and looking for a change, LinkedIn Premium will definitely help you gain a larger online presence.

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