Is a career in field sales right for you?

Is a career in field sales right for you?

Field sales jobs can be varied, rewarding and potentially lucrative, but do you really have what it takes to forge a successful career in this field? To help you find out, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions…

Are you an effective communicator?

The simple fact is, no one can succeed in field sales if they lack effective communication skills. In these roles, you will spend your days talking to people and trying to persuade them to part with their cash for goods, services or charitable causes. You only get a small window of opportunity with each potential customer to pique their interest, win their trust and sign them up. So, if you tend to get nervous or tongue tied talking to others, a career in sales may not be for you.

Do you have a hunger to learn?

You must have a hunger to learn if you want to get ahead in this line of work too. Potential customers will quickly see through you if you lack detailed knowledge of the products or services you’re trying to sell. To ensure their representatives are well versed in the relevant details, field sales specialists like the Appco Group UK provide regular product training sessions. If you’re to succeed in sales, you’ll need to be able to take this information on board and deploy it when you’re on the doorstep.

Can you handle rejection?

Self-confidence and an ability to handle rejection are important qualities too. There is no place for thin skins in the cut and thrust world of sales. As a field sales representative, you will hear the word ‘no’ a lot and you must be able to respond to this positively rather than letting it knock your self-esteem and drag you down. The best salespeople learn from their rejections and up their game as a result of them.

Do you thrive under pressure?

You must be able to thrive under pressure if you’re to flourish in this industry too. Many of these roles are commission-based, meaning you have to rely on your skills, hard work and perseverance to earn your income. Some sales roles also require you to meet targets. Because of this, you have to be the sort of person who enjoys a challenge and likes seizing the initiative and forging your own success.

It might sound like a cliché, but a can-do approach is essential in the world of field sales.