Interview with Marianne Cantwell from Free Range Humans

Have you had enough of being on the hunt for a job? Do you fear that when you do actually land that job, it won’t be what its cracked up to be, and the only thing you’ll get out of it is the desire to find another job.  Perhaps you are just becoming disillusioned with the corporate world. Don’t worry; there are people that are in the same boat as you;)

Free Range Humans

One person who decided to take a stand, and disengage with the whole corporate ‘thing’ is Marianne Cantwell. Marianne up until 2010 had a few jobs in the Media and consulting space before deciding to break the shackles of the corporate world, and go it alone. She simply had had enough of working for somebody else, and felt the effort she was putting in could be better spent on her own venture. What initially started out as a path to create some sort of business, soon transpired into a community driven blog and consulting service known as Free Range Humans.  Since starting out, Free Range Humans steadily attracted a loyal following, and as a result Marianne now gets to travel the world and promote her concept lifestyle.

I recently got to catchup with Marianne for a chat to find out more about Free Range Humans, and what graduate job tips she had for those who perhaps are looking for an alternative to finding a graduate job. This is truly an unconventional look at the graduate job search.

In this video interview you will find out about:

  • Free Range Humans
  • How Marianne made the move and started working for herself
  • How to take an idea to the market
  • How to build a loyal following online
  • Her book

Here it is:

Marianne’s Links: