Interview with Denise Taylor on how to find a job in a recession

Denise Taylor

How to find a job in a recession.

Are you finding it tough to get a job in the ongoing recession we find ourselves in? I certainly did. With the level of competition for graduate/entry level jobs at an all time high we really have to grind it out on the job hunt in order to stand any sort of chance in even getting an interview. Surely there must be other ways to put ourselves at the top of the pile?

In this interview with Denise Taylor I find out about the methods we can use to find a job in a recession.

Denise has been a career strategist and chartered psychologist for the last 15 years. She has also written the books, “How to get a job in a recession” and “Now you’ve been shortlisted”. More recently she founded the career-coaching consultancy, Amazing People, and is considered a thought leader within her field.

In this interview you will learn about:

  • How to get a job in a recession
  • Why you should target the job hunt as much as possible
  • The biggest mistake job hunters make
  • Whether social media deserves more attention than traditional networking
  • How Denise can help you find a job

Denise’s details:


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