Interview feedback – the vital building block

building blocksTo spend all that time going through the lengthy interview process, and at the end all you receive is a pre-canned, generic bit of feedback that tells you nothing about your actual performance. I’m not going to lie – its very annoying. Make sure you get interview feedback that matters!

Whether you are going through a recruitment consultancy, or applying independently, always make sure you push your interviewers for feedback. If you never actually get any honest, genuine feedback you will never know where your faults lie, and therefore will not be able to iron out mistakes in your interview ensemble. Obviously we are all hoping that this interview will be ‘The one’ and we won’t need any feedback, just a start date and a contract to sign. Unfortunately this is not always the reality, and in these difficult economic times, the situation may get worse before it gets better. We need to be honest with ourselves and pay heed to the fact that the graduate-candidate job ratio is not a healthy one.

Granted, some companies openly state that they do not provide interview feedback. For the ones that do, make sure that you not only get feedback, but you get feedback, which actually makes sense! If not, write back to the company and ask for more comprehensive and concise feedback. This is information, which can inadvertently play a part in finally securing you a job.

 Follow-up and make sure companies give you interview feedback!