How to prepare for a phone interview

phone interviewWith the advances in digital age communication having an interview by phone is becoming more common as a practical way to throw a wider net and catch the best candidate, especially if it’s a first interview. Phone interviews allow companies to consider everyone on an even field and look at the candidate, rather than limiting themselves to the local area. If you are applying for jobs outside of your area then you need to expect that at least one interview will be over the phone and prepare for it accordingly. Don’t fall into the trap of preparing for a phone interview as it is as important as preparing for a face to face interview, so here’s a few tips to help.

Be near the internet

Take advantage of the fact the interviewer can’t see you! Having your internet browser up and running will help you access any information that you may need to check during the interview. It also helps if you already have their company web site up and running, information about the industry and and even your resume open for a quick reference.

Answer your phone by stating your name

This gets the conversation off to a confident start and can steer the conversation in a upward climb. Make sure you have your greeting planned and it starts a natural conversation.

Be aware of your body language

If you pace when you’re on the phone or fiddle with things around you, make sure it does not impact the quality of your call. Background noises and distractions can strike at any time and if you lose concentration and your train of thought it can ruin the flow of a call – and risk not getting it back. Most of all – remember to SMILE!

Persuade them

You are at a distinct disadvantage if you are one of the only ones having a phone interview and everyone else has a personal one. You need to convince them that you are indeed one of the ones that they need to seriously consider, and to take to the next level. Be well prepared, confident, informative and intuitive. Leave them feeling that they can’t go to the next round without you.

Keep money of the menu

You may feel pressured to talk money or at least give a ball park, but be as vague as possible. Is it really all about the money to you? If experience with the company, being in a place where you can progress or starting a career path that you want to follow is more important – say it! Talking money may opt you in – or out – of the running so chose something that is more important and say, ‘The money isn’t as important as….’ And leave the door open for negotiation later on.

Say ‘Thank you’

Send a quick email straight after the interview thanking them for their time and hoping that you were successful. It keeps you in their mind and makes appear considerate.

By being prepared and working the phone interview as hard as you can as your goal is to take your candidacy to the next step – a face to face interview, and a fantastic job offer.

This was a guest post courtesy of Free Resume Builder