How to get a job in another state

Today’s young Americans are fleeing to the following cities:

Jobs in Denver
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Austin, Texas
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Portland, Maine
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Washington, DC

These cities are showing tremendous job growth with a generally lower cost of living. Historically prosperous states such as New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are losing young Americans who find it difficult to find work for a decent salary. So if you’re one of those Americans looking to move to another state, here are some tips to get your job search started.

  • Consider opening a P.O. Box or Mailbox service of your city of choosing. Using a local address can help you get your foot in the door if you are looking to work in another state. Some recruiters do not favor candidates who use a P.O. Box on their resumes, so consider using a relative’s address, if you have a relative or good friend who already lives in the state.
  • Visit the city for local job fairs. It’s very different to apply online and very different to meet recruiters and managers in person. Attending local job fairs will also give you a better of sense of what you might be getting yourself into. Consider that these people will be the kinds of people you will be working and living with. On the other hand, if recruiters and managers see you in person, they will be less likely to toss your resume just because you live out of state.
  • Attend virtual career fairs. With today’s Brazen Online Career fairs, it is very easy to connect with recruiters online. This is much easier than traveling to another state for a job fair.
  • Talk to your current company about a possible transfer. If you’ve been at the same company for over a year, your company may have a transfer policy if they have offices in other states.
  • Research headhunters and staffing agencies who work with companies in your desired city. If you want to work with IBM in Austin, TX, it could be a good idea to get in touch with recruiters or agencies that work with IBM in Austin, and perhaps with other technical companies in the area.
  • Buy a local newspaper and browse local listings. Not all cities list their jobs online. You can sometimes find great opportunities by browsing local newspapers, magazines, craigslist listings, etc.
  • Consider a temporary position. If you are transitioning in your career, or if you are a recent college graduate, it might be a good idea to accept a temporary position in another city. These are generally easier to come by and may lead to long term work.
  • Network among friends. Do you have a friend who lives in another state? Ask him or her if their company is hiring. Do they know of anyone who is looking for help?
  • Get up and move. If you have significant savings and nothing else has worked, it might be a good idea to move first and find your job right after. Once you are situated in a city, you can devote all your time to job hunting and may find a job more easily than if you tried to find one from another state. This is risky but many Americans do it and find a job opportunity faster than they would from their home state.

Finding a job in another state can be a daunting experience, but it is not impossible.

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