How to find jobs using Twitter

twitter jobsSince the advent of the online job engines, we now have a situation where there are just so many job sites ranging in size from the behemoths (Monster, Total etc), more commonly known as job boards to the smaller, more niche sites like You can spend so much time on these sites, and often not get much in return for your efforts. I believe that in many cases your application does not even make it to the desired recipient. What I tend to usually do is note down the name of the recruitment company and then contact them directly, as this mitigate risk of my profile never the targeted recipient.

Social media has really changed the way job vacancies are now advertised and is definitely becoming the new medium in which to find jobs online. There are two reasons for this:

1. Job vacancies can be much more targeted

2. Job openings can be announced in real time, and therefore positions can be filled more quickly

The skill though, is knowing HOW to find relevant jobs using social media.

In this graduate job tip, we actually look at how to find jobs using twitter, by using a simple social media tool. This tool is called

Twitjobsearch aggregates all the jobs posted on twitter. Twitjobsearch makes it super-easy for you to find the jobs that directly relate to your field of interest because you have the option to filter jobs using the following fields: “tweeted on”, “job title”, “country”, “tweet frequency”, “salary”, “skill”, and “job type”. This is nothing revolutionary, but when this is done in real time, the job search becomes that much easier. Furthermore, you can upload your CV and also get email alerts for when a relevant job posting comes through.

Most importantly twitjobsearch allows you to leverage social media engagement across multiple platforms:


As you can see from the screenshot above, beneath each job is a set of tabs. Some are rudimentary, but others are cool and current:

 1. Allows you to retweet the job, and get twitter exposure in this field

 2. Gives you the option to get the recruiter to Skype call you

 3. The “I can do that’ tab. Click this and first box that comes up offers the option to either make this public or private. I would advise going with private just to avoid spamming. Then it takes you to a page to which logs you in trough twitter. (So get a twitter up and running if you do not have one). You then have the option to put in a contact phone number, LinkedIn personal URL, and also a URL for an online CV you may have. Also make sure that your twitter profile is up do date, as this is what recruiters may at first.

This is basically cutting out the whole ‘email CV and cover letter process’, through a complete online CV viewing process, which I have spoken about in previous posts. The main advantage to doing this is once again, TIME SAVING. Once you have set this, you can just click this tab, and you’re done! Simple as that. They will have the all the information they need.

4. This means you can save the job to view it later

Have you ever used this tool before? What are your thoughts?