Four jobs that require a top-notch CV

Bond traderIf you have recently graduated from university and are now looking to climb the first rungs of the corporate ladder, it is important to make the right impression when applying for vacancies that interest you. If you are aiming to land a job in a particularly competitive industry, creating a dynamic CV that stands out from the crowd could make all the difference. Below is a list of jobs that require candidates to make a big impression if they are to stand a chance of landing them.

1. Bond trader – the rewards for a successful career in bond trading can be enormous, so it is understandable that competition for such positions is usually intense. Although the major players in the bond markets place a much greater emphasis on qualifications than was the case in the past, you will need considerably more than a good degree to land a trainee position with a top bank. Try to emphasise your ability to work under pressure and make good decisions quickly if you are applying for this type of job.

2. Advertising executive – you need a big personality to work in this capacity for a top agency, so you should be prepared to really sell yourself and your talents when putting together a curriculum vitae to send to potential employers in this field. Outline any experience you have of handling advertising campaigns at university, such as for advertisers in the college newspaper, and make sure that it is obvious that you have done your homework. The small number of openings in this industry when compared to the quality of graduates with graphic design and advertising degrees leaving college every year means that you will need to demonstrate a high level of commitment if you are to stand a good chance of realising your ambitions in this field.

3. Real estate agent –It might have been easier to break into this field than many others in the past, particularly when you consider how lucrative a career in property can be. Competition for positions with the best brokers has always been intense and has become more so in recent years. In addition to formal qualifications, you will need to demonstrate a genuine interest in and knowledge of the particular property markets in which you wish to operate. For example, if commercial rentals are what grab your attention, you should make sure that you know the going rate for office space in London and other major cities, and be aware of the various different factors that companies normally consider when shopping for a new home.

4. Petroleum engineer – if finding new ways to extract fossil fuels is what you really want to do, working as an engineer in the petrochemical industry is the perfect career for you. However, in addition to a relevant degree, you will also need to show that you are prepared to go the extra mile in order to land a decent position. Work experience in a technical environment, preferably within the oil and gas sector, is sure to enhance your curriculum vitae and improve your chances of obtaining a suitable position.

The tips above could make it easier for you to succeed in your chosen field but you will need to make sure that whatever steps you take to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers, you advertise them prominently on your curriculum vitae. There is little point in making the effort to improve your chances if you do not write your CV in such a way as to highlight the steps that you have taken and why they make you more employable.

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