Building relationships with recruitment consultants

I’m writing this post on the following subject, because it is something I didn’t do enough of when I was actively job searching.

Building relationships with recruitment consultants. They are the intermediaries. They are that vital link in the chain. They are potentially the job-fining catalyst. So, make an effort to get know them. In markets like these they are oversubscribed with candidates, and it is crucial that you go that extra mile to solidify relationships with them. Recruitment consultants literally have 100’s sometimes 1000’s of CV’s landing in their inbox every day. As you can imagine many of these CV’s will get lost in cyberspace. Granted, if you have an exemplary CV, with all the bells and whistles and more than enough work experience, then you may not have to worry your CV getting ‘lost’ or having to go that extra mile. The problem is that although we think that we have a great CV, that is not always the case. Therefore, as a rule of thumb if you out your CV out to recruiters, and you don’t receive a bunch of phone calls within the first two days, then that should be a sign that your CV is not amazing.

You then need to do the legwork. Your main aim should be to get your name/profile at the forefront of the recruiters mind.

Industry contacts

 So, here are my tips:

  • Always make a follow-up phone call after emailing in your CV. Don’t tell the consultant too much over the phone. Instead arrange to go in and see them.
  • When you go in, wear your best suit. Go in with confidence. After exchanging pleasantries, the consultant will most likely ask you a bit more about what is written on your CV – talk it up, but don’t lie. He or she will then also usually ask you what particular jobs you looking for. You should be fairly specific here, as this shows them that you are serious and committed to your chosen field.
  • Now it’s your turn. Ask the consultant some questions and try to establish some common ground with the consultant. Take the conversation in a colloquial direction. Once again it is of paramount importance that they can quickly put a personality to your CV.  He/she may remember someone who mentioned that they have a cat named Oscar who can do handstands, but is likely to forget someone who said they studied English at Bristol.
  • Follow up – Call them weekly to get updated on vacancies. This is really just a way for you to indicate to them that you are still looking for a job, and to give them an idea of how serious you are. Furthermore persistence can turn into pestering, which in this case can eventually prove beneficial, as sometimes the consultant does his/her best to find you something just to get you off his/her back!

 Hope these tips have helped!