Why you shouldn’t email a cover letter

As you’re aware, I’m a strong advocate of finding a job by using ‘back-door’ tactics. Sometimes, if the conventional recruitment channels are not working, one needs to re-evaluate their position, and devise new and sometimes innovative job-hunting techniques. Another alternative job tip is to get back to basics. By this I mean, skipping HR and all other tranches of corporate hierarchy, and just send a hand written or typed cover letter to the CEO/MD of the company you wish to work for via the postal service.

Sit down one night, and construct a letter, a really good letter, addressed to the CEO, Managing Director, or whoever is at the ‘top of the pile’. This letter should be very different to your usual cover letter. This letter should be about what you can do for the company. Open with an introductory paragraph about yourself, and then go on to mention in concrete terms what you can ‘bring to the table’

These should include any of the following:Female CEO

  • How you can make the company money

  • How you can save the company money

  • How you can improve efficiency

To substantiate your claims, you will need to provide examples of when you have done this in the past.

You see, HR are not as concerned about these sort of attributes. They are more focused on whether you are a team player. This is really a euphemism for not possessing the potential to ‘rock the boat’. They want people that will fit in, not people that are game changers and have the chutzpa to challenge existing assumptions.

CEO’s and Managing Directors on the other hand are looking for these sort of characteristics, because at the end of the day, these are the sort of attributes that will keep their business abreast of competition and adapting to changing market conditions.

Finally, remember, DO NOT email this letter, as there is a high risk that your desired prospect may not read it. This for a multitude of reasons – went into his/her spam folder, someone else manages his/her email, or he/she just overlooked it. By posting the tangible form, there is no way that they can ignore it. They may open and then tear it up, but at least they been obliged to start reading it before making a judgment call. :)