An example of a creative cover letter

cockinessI have always disliked writing cover letters. You go online, look at various templates, and then proceed to compile a generic and boring cover letter. “I am really passionate about working for XYZ because…..” or “The skills I have developed from my previous job includes….”

The best way to approach writing a cover letter in my opinion, is to say to yourself, “What have I got to lose?” Yes, not very much. Perhaps a little bit of dignity? Therefore, be bold and be audacious with your cover letter. Write a creative cover letter. Remember, hiring managers are reading thousands of cover letters and CV’s – You need to make your stand out, if you want it to go into the ‘Yes’ pile.

The first paragraph of your cover letter should really grab the attention of the reader………….I am not going to go on. Instead have a read of the cover letter below – A bit risque, but nevertheless striking and effective. Courtesy of the the blog,

Dear fellow aficionado of all things hip and creative:

Let’s not be facetious. There are certain truths in this world that cannot be held in disdain. Black cannot compete without white. Women cannot procreate without men. Road Runner cannot flee without Wile E. Coyote. Lindsay Lohan cannot go to prison without cocaine/shop-lifting. Staggering, right? Well, I would argue that BlogFrog cannot garner the same future success without my aid.

Here’s why:
You need someone who has a creative, entrepreneurial mindset. Well, as a contributing founder of several startups, I love the spirited culture that they bring. You need someone who keeps a blog. Well, I’ve penned a number of blogs with my advertising and PR consulting for firms across the country. My 2011 resolution was to finally keep my own, and I’m having a blast. You need someone who is familiar with BlogFrog communities. Well, as a proud member, I’ll be now employing its prowess in the real estate blog that I manage.

You need someone with a strong background in marketing, advertising, and digital media fundamentals. Well, I have an internationallybased BSBA and MBA with a focus in marketing from the University of Denver. I’ve also been a contributing member to the development of online marketing/advertising practices for six years. As an emerging social media guru, I know how to effectively plan and execute a multitude of digital media strategies. You need someone with excellent written and oral presentation skills. Well, read my blog, and have me in for an interview. You need someone who is detail-oriented. Well, my underwear drawer is sorted by color and pattern. TMI? You need someone who can manage remote teams and projects. Well, as I often work with projects and clients on Skype, I think I can handle this. Most importantly, you need me and I can start today.

I would frankly and humbly cherish the opportunity to continue my career at one of Colorado’s growing startups. I’m an avid learner, and I am always ready to for a new challenge. In all sincere modesty, you won’t find anyone who will add more value to the BlogFrog team than myself.

You may say that the person who wrote this cover letter was bit cocky and and self absorbed. Yes, I would agree. But, in this competitive world, sometimes a little bit of cockiness is needed to reach your ultimate goal. Although it might be seen as a bit audacious, nonetheless I think it certainly is a creative cover letter.

P.S. If you are looking for a great book on writing great cover letters, then I strongly recommend you read “Brilliant Cover Letters” by James Innes.