5 reasons to look at working for a smaller company

If you are struggling to find a job with a big corporate, why not look at working for a smaller company

Sure big corporates have their benefits:

  • Good perks (pension allowances, healthcare, gym membership, paid-for courses etc.
  • Good chance of moving up in the organization due to its size
  • Looks good on the CV. Yep, a lot of people choose to work at big corporates for this reason
  • The prospect of global mobility/being transferred to another country

BUT, there are many downsides, like having to play the corporate game if you want to climb the corporate ladder.

SME’s are a great alternative, and if it is still your long-term ambition to work for a big corporate, then an SME will serve as a good precursor to this.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. They are more dynamic – by this I mean they are more malleable and conducive to changes in the market.

2. You will be given a greater degree of autonomy

3. Less bureaucracy and a smaller hierarchical pecking order. Divisions can be made sooner, and plans implemented quicker.

4.More humanism, less robotics Work for a smaller, less robotic company

 5. If you interview with a smaller company, and just miss out getting the position, they are more likely to invite back for a second. This once again has to do with the humanism aspect. The person you interview in a small company will most likely be the Managing Director, CEO, and or other high-ranking employee. These people will remember you. Somebody in HR is not paid to remember candidate that were interviewed months before.