4 reasons why employers did not extend job offers to candidates

job rejectionBeing active on a company’s social media is a great way to be ‘out there’, but can it harm your chances of getting hired? The answer to that is a resounding YES! Posting like a demented ferret will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons, but it runs deeper than you realise.

The top reasons that a job offer was NOT extended to a qualified candidate were:

  • 50% of recruiters said that the candidate posted a provocative or inappropriate image via social media

  • 48% of recruiters found evidence of the candidate regularly drinking heavily or using drugs

  • 33% of recruiters found the candidate had bad mouthed a previous employer

  • 28% of recruiters found evidence of discrimination against, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation etc

Before you even look for a job, make sure that you have cleaned up your social media and be ever vigilant about keeping it pristine

As you’re clearing up your social media make sure you also give your connections a health check. If you want to use social media as a serious job seeking tool make sure the links/connections you make are professional. All your tweets, posts and images should be positive, courteous and professional – put them through the ‘Grandma’ test. If you Grandma saw it would it make her proud? It may mean that for a while you may not be immediately notified your old girlfriend is eating a bagel, but it may just secure you the job of a life time – you chose.

This post was courtesy of Free Resume Builder