3 reasons why you should apply to as many jobs as possible

Casting the net wider

“Apply to as many jobs as possible”

Before beginning the job hunt, it is crucial to formulate a strategy, which will provide you with the necessary guidance and focus. One of the standard ways to do this is to target a particular industry and then apply to companies within that industry/sector. This is a no-brainer, right? You develop the knowledge around that particular industry my immersing yourself in it through research, and the employer senses your desire and commitment to work in said industry via the interviews. In theory this approach is a good one, but where it falls short is the fact that by narrowing your focus so much, you fail to achieve what you set out to do – get a job. This because you have not cast the net wide enough, and therefore the probability of finding a job decreases. Apply to as many jobs as possible.

“Cast the net wider”

We, as graduates currently find ourselves in a squeezed market, where the competition for jobs is high. As a result you may be getting a lot of rejection, particularly at the CV screening stage. This translates into very few actual job interviews, and therefore little opportunity to actually become a master at something, which is ultimately going to determine whether you land a job, or not.

Therefore, when beginning the job application process, cast the net wide. Look to transcend industries with your applications. Apply with the sole purpose of landing interviews. Below are my 3 reasons why:

1. Confidence – The more you place yourself in interview scenarios, the more confidence you will gain. When the time comes to interview with a company on your top 10 list, you will have the confidence to breeze through the interview.

2. Learning path – You will learn about other industries /sectors, and be able to apply this knowledge in a useful way elsewhere. In addition to this, its also a means of simple self enrichment

3. Build a network – I always stress this in my posts. Every time you go for an interview, that is another 1 person (at least) you’ve met which means another contact gained. With all these business cards in your repertoire, you are now armed with a plethora of warm leads. Use them as you wish, but either way, attending an interview you may have initially written off as unrelated to your chosen field has just opened a few more doors.